Smarteh's MC8

An Open PLC with CanFestival.

MC8 comes with two CAN ports driven by embedded CanFestival, and is programmed with Beremiz.

NMT Master or Slave, each slave can expose arbitrary PLC variables in CANopen object dictionary, and map them to PDOs.

When creating an NMT master, PLC programmer just have to point needed slave's variables. Beremiz CanFestival extension creates local OD proxy variables, map them to PDOs, either pre-existing of created on purpose.

CanFestival on the Micropral

Micropral is a tiny PLC running Linux and Xenomai on ARM.

The Micropral is a target for ALOGRAF STUDIO, an automation workbench that focus on providing deterministic and optimized execution of Sequencial Function Charts.

Making CanFestival fit in ALOGRAF STUDIO requirements was the most interesting part of the work, and also implied passing some good time with UXP SA development team, in Grenoble, France.

CanFestival itself cross-compiled without any problem choosing appropriate arguments for the configure script. More challenging, this port implied to write a specific real-time CAN driver using RT-SocketCan in order to support the CAN controller available in the Micropral.

Once again, CanFestival proved its ability to be used in rather complex situation. ALOGRAF STUDIO is the second automation workbench to use CanFestival as its CANopen® framework, not so long after Beremiz.


Free Software for Six Degrees Of Freedom motion

Summer 2009

This video present a free software based machine made in collaboration with FESTO for LAAS.
LAAS is a French Scientific Research Lab involved in many scientific areas, mostly related computer and robotics.
For some computer vision experiments, this lab needed a positioning machine able to work within one cubic meter space with 6 degrees of freedom, and with 20ms time accuracy.
Motion control software had to be fully open so that researchers could have full control over positioning.
Realization involved six CANopen servo drives, and one industrial PC acting as a CANopen CNC, running real-time Linux, CanFestival and Beremiz.
As an input device for manual control mode, we used a wiimote.


The Open Source Coffee Machine

The Open Source Coffee Machine is a recycled coffee machine, controlled by a PC running Beremiz, and using some MicroMod CANopen I/O nodes from Peak-System. This machine have been prepared in collaboration with Peak-System for SCS-Paris-08 exhibition. It served Free coffees during 4 days on Peak-System's booth and have been donated to IUT of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges so that students can have fun practising automation.


Your CanFestival success story

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